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School Of Optical Dispensing Technology


The school of Optical dispensing technology was established in year 2006 following its faculty board meeting in September of the same year. The faculty board meeting was chaired by Dr (Mrs) R.Y. Hassan. It was her initiative that led to the school kicking off, and it happened to be the first of its kind in the country. The idea to create a school of optical dispensing technology was borne out of the fact that there were no Opticians who were properly trained to carry out optical duties. These duties include; fabrication of lenses, neutralization of lenses, fitting of lenses into appropriate frames, tinting of lenses, and taking of segment heights and optical centers of patients for appropriate fitting/mounting of correct lenses into different frames.

The faculty board agreed that the duration of study should be 3 years and prospective students should have 5 credits including English, mathematics and physics plus 2 other science subjects. The first set of students were admitted in October 2006 and the school graduated her first set of students in year 2009 and graduation ceremony was conducted for the 10 successful students in year 2010, the ceremony which was chaired by the founder of the school.

The year 2009 has seen vast improvements in the anal of the school in terms of standard of education been offered and equipment. Equipment were purchased by the school authority for the proper functioning of the Optical laboratories, which has not been running at full capacity in the previous years. The equipment includes glazing machines and foci meters. This has made it easier for students to engage in proper fabrication and fitting of optical wares. But with the purchase of these equipment enough time has thus been provided for individual students to master the act of lens fabrication.

The school of Optical Dispensing Technology of the Federal Medical Centre, Birnin Kebbi is in its 14th year since inauguration and has graduated 11 sets of students since then.

The admission into the school is usually in September every year. The current faculty board Chairman is Dr Aliyu Hamza Balarabe who also lectures in the school.The School principal is Dr Ogbu Ikechukwu. The current leadership of the hospital was able to secure full accreditation for the school from the Optometrist and Dispensing Opticians Registration Board in 2019.