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Medical Director

Dr Aliyu Hamza Balarabe
Medical Director


All praise be to Almighty Allah (SWA) for sparing our lives to witness yet another milestone in the history of Federal Medical Centre situated in Birnin Kebbi the capital of Kebbi State, the land of equity.

May I begin by recognizing the past leadership of the Centre from the pioneer Medical Director/CEO, Professor B. B. Shehu to Dr R. Y. Hassan and Dr Abdullahi Ibrahim for their excellent stewardships and contributions to the growth and development of the Hospital. Their efforts will remain indelible in the history of Federal Medical Centre, Birnin Kebbi.

In pursuit of greater achievements, the present leadership under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, the Federal Ministry of Health, as well as the Health Sector Reform Programme and SERVICOM, all aimed at improving service efficiency, better clientele sensitivity and good health service practices, have spurred our hospital to attain an accelerated progress within the last one year of my tenure.

In line with the global best practices, it was our collective resolution to develop a functional website for Federal Medical Centre Birnin Kebbi with the primary purpose of providing accurate and timely information about the Hospital and to serve as a guide on how best one can access our client centred services with ease.

The website will also assist Nigerians to be adequately acquainted with progress recorded by the Centre as well as any shortcomings.

Today, the hospital has become a reference point for knee replacement and spine surgeries amongst others which have become almost routine. In addition, the Centre has started residency training in the departments of Surgery, Ophthalmology, Family Medicine and O & G. Efforts are also being made to commence similar training in Paediatrics, ENT, Anaesthesia and Internal Medicine. It is worthy of note also that improved government funding in the health sector has led to improved physical, infrastructural and man power development in addition to rehabilitation and expansion to a befitting status of the service windows of the Hospital.

Indeed, in the course of my first year in office and hand in hand with professional colleagues working in the facility, we have achieved a great deal and are still doing more. I am grateful first and foremost to the Almighty Allah who has given us life and all good things. I am very grateful and remain indebted to the Board of Management for their mature guidance, especially the Chairman, Prince Abdulmalik Afegbua for the fatherly role he plays.
The members of the Top Management Committee are also highly appreciated for their dedication and commitment to achieving our set goals and objectives. I thank all departmental and unit heads and indeed all staff for their hard work and the efforts they put into their work. Truly, whatever we have achieved is a product of the collective efforts of all. Also, the dedicated members of the hospital website committee led by Dr Suleiman Kabir who have made this possible and deserve a special mention.

May Allah (SWA) continue to grant us more wisdom to continue to effectively discharge our responsibilities.