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Dr Lawal Taslim
Dr Lawal Taslim


The Department of Paediatrics is one of the clinical service Departments in the Hospital.  It caters to the health needs of children 0-15 years. In addition to providing clinical services, the department is involved in training of House Officers and Residents from other Departments in the Hospital. It is currently preparing to seek accreditation for Residency training. 
The Department is well staffed with full time resident Consultants, Visiting Consultants, Residents Supernumerary, Medical and House Officers. There are Paediatrics Nurses in addition to other support staff. 
1. Clinical Activities 
Clinical services offered by the Department include:
i. Paediatrics Out Patient/Specialty Clinics 
ii. Emergency Paediatrics Unit (EPU)
iii. Paediatrics Medical Ward (PMW)
iv. Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)
The department runs specialty clinics in Haematology/Infectious, Neurology, Neonatology and Nephrology.
2. Training
The department currently trains House Officers and Residents on posting from other departments.  It is presently preparing for accreditation for Residency training in Paediatrics. 
There are daily pre-round meetings, weekly Thursday seminar presentations and monthly mortality review meetings. 

The Department had a high turnover of patients in 2019. 
• POPD - 14,886
• EPU - 1,142
• SCBU - 657

The department hopes to seek accreditation for Residency training in Paediatrics this year. There are plans to introduce more subspecialties especially cardiology and gastroenterology subspecialties.  There is a need for dedicated Child Health Complex.        
The Head of Department is Dr Lawal Taslim. He is a Fellow of West African College Of Physician.