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Abdulmumuni Bawa Yauri
Abdulmumuni Bawa Yauri

Public Relation

The Public Relations Department was created in 2002 by the leadership of Dr. (Mrs) R.Y Hassan following the appointment of Abdulmumuni Bawa Yauri as Public Relations Officer (PRO). The department is expected to be an image making organ for and barometer for ensuring cordial and harmonious working relationship among the Hospital Management and host community. The PR. Department is responsible for offering professional advice that will ensure implementation of policies and decision of Management appropriately.

Department Functions:

1.   In charge of protocols.
2.   Responsible for public Relations and projecting a positive image of the Hospital.
3.   Upkeep of the Hospital Guests Houses.
4.   Reception of Official Visitors and Visiting Consultants of the Hospital.
5.   Dealing with press and mass media.
6.   Responsible for Management Board Matters as assigned by Board Secretariat.
7.   Processing of Board Members claims in liaison with Board Secretariat.
8.   In charge of welfare and affairs of NYSC members.
9.   To ensure proper maintenance of the Hospital Halls.
10. To anchors all organized Hospital programs.
11. To ensure production of periodic publications of Hospital Bulletins, Journals and other vital information of Hospital community and patients.

Among the Achievement recorded so far thus:
1.   Proper coordination of many in-house programs in terms of protocols and programming.
2.   Carrying out numerous enlightenment and education programs on Hospital Management and efficient services delivery in conjunction with SERVICOM unit of the Hospital.
3.   Organize or supervise several meetings in order to strengthening and further cementing cordial relationships between Hospital Management and Host Community of the Hospital.
4.   Initiates triumphant publications of the first and second edition of the FMC News quarterly magazine.
5.   Representing Management at various fora
6.   Transporting and accommodating the Hospital guests, Board members and other visiting Consultants or any managerial assigned duties.
7.   Participating in all Hospital organized activities and events, example, Child Health Weeks, Hospital Clinical Presentation programs, Medical Director’s Interactive forum, just to mention a few.