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Dr. H.S Musa
Dr. H.S Musa


The Department of Radiology of the Federal Medical Centre Birnin Kebbi was established in May, 2001. The Department started out as an X-ray unit which later metamorphosed into a full-fledged radio-diagnostic department, offering a wide range of radio-diagnostic services to both in patients and the hospital environs. From its formative years till date, the department has gone through different headship in the following order:
1.   Mr. Lawali Jabbo
2.  Mr. Umar Faruk Suru
3.  Dr. Daniel Odunko
4.  Dr. M.O. Atobatele
5.  Dr. H.S Musa
The sole responsibility of the department is to offer radio-diagnostic services to the hospital’s patients and the hospital community.
The services include:
1. X-ray investigations: These include routine Chest, Skull, Abdomen, Pelvic, Upper and Lower extremities etc investigations. Additionally, X-rays are also offered in digitized forms using Computed Radiography (CR) technology.
2.  Special x-ray procedures: These include HSG, IVU, MUCG, RUCG, Barium studies etc.
3.   General ultrasound: These include; abdominal USS, Cyesis, Pelvic Scan etc.
4.   Special Ultrasound: These include Doppler scan, USS of small parts (Thyroid, scrotum, Transvaginal, etc
5.   Mammography – Screening and diagnostic mammograms.
6.  Radio Oncological investigations e.g. Cancer screening and management

1.   Employment and training of more personnel to meet the manpower needs of the department for effective and efficient patient service delivery.
2.   Migration to digitized X-ray films.
3.  Performance of specialized ultrasound procedure such as: -   Doppler studies -  Ultrasound scan of small parts (specials) such as thyroid, Transvaginal (TVS), scrotum, breast etc. -  Performance of specialized radiological contrast investigations -   Contrast studies


1. Contrast studies (Special procedures)
2.  Doppler study
3.  X-ray film digitization
4. Screening and diagnostic mammography
5.  Transvaginal and Ultrasound of small parts 6. Radio-oncological screening and management.