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Abdul-Mojeed Olatunji.
Abdul-Mojeed Olatunji.

Management Information System

The Management Information System Department was created in January 2005 with a System Analyst as the head. The core mandate of the department as the name implies is the digitization and digital management of all information in the Centre. The department was assigned a major task of designing a new salary software for the Centre in that same January 2005. The software was successfully completed and started operating in March 2005. 
From 2005 to date the department has witnessed tremendous development and has been proving its worth.
Amongst other things, the M.I.S is a department responsible for:
1. Integrating the information system of the hospital 
2. Analysing and solving any computer related problem(s)
3. Introduction of digitalization to various departments.
4. Software design and maintenance  
5. Managing and maintaining computer hardware
6. Networking and internet management.
7. Website management 
8. Plastic staff identity cards design and production.

1. Designing HATISS salary software
2. Designing CONTISS salary software
3. Designing CONHESS/CONMESS salary software
4. NHIS enrolees verification and data capturing software (Medical Record)
5. Store Automation software
6. Cooperative and thrift society contribution management software
7. Design and implementation of NHIS Pharmacy computerized system.
8. Design and Implementation of in–patients’ pharmacy system. 
The MIS is working on some future development in the hospital including the interconnecting of each unit and department, internet accessibility etc.
The current head of Department is Mr Abdul-Mojeed Olatunji.