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Mr Azeez Mutiu O
Mr Azeez Mutiu O


Laundry services are essential services in the health care delivery system. This is one of the major reasons why the Laundry Services Department of the Federal Medical Centre Birnin Kebbi is as old as the Centre itself. Its establishment dates as far back as July 2001.
At the time of commencement of laundry operations, a 28kg washer – extractor capacity was available. Subsequently in 2004, the Management of the Hospital decided to add more machinery with the procurement of a 25kg washer – extractor and a tumble dryer with a 28kg capacity. 
At inception, the mantle of leadership was vested on Mallam Bello Musa who served in acting capacity until the year 2011. The Management with a view to improving laundry and linen service delivery employed the services of Mr Azeez Mutiu O. the current Head of Department who is a professional in the field of Laundry and Linen services. 
Some of the major development projects executed during the tenure of the immediate past Medical Director include:
  1.  Construction of the new Laundry Services Department building which was commissioned by the then Minister of state for Health, Dr Khaliru Alhassan on 15th August 2014
  2. Procurement of an additional small capacity washer – extractor to support the existing equipment.
  3. Procurement of additional tailoring machines.

Scope of Departmental Responsibilities:
Laundry services cut across all Clinical and Administrative Directorates. There is provision of essential laundry services to the Department of Nursing Services, Operation room/theatres, wards, clinics, Laboratory Department and other parts of the Hospital. These responsibilities are discharged on a daily basis and in order to meet up with these all-important responsibilities, the department runs three shifts per day (morning, evening and night duties). 

The Laundry Services Department has the following units or sections to execute its mandate:
  •  Linen room section
  •  Washing section
  • Tailoring section
  •   Linen distribution section
Some of the innovations and achievements recorded between 2011 and 2020 include:
  • Textile screen printing of hospital logo and the wards/units names on the hospital linens. 
  • Innovation in the production of specialized cleaning materials such as liquid detergent and hypochlorite disinfectant.
  • Production of sterilized disposable face masks as personal protective equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Selling Points:
The Department is saving cost through different innovative ideas such as production of cleaning materials, tailoring services and in recent times the production of sterilized disposable face masks for the Hospital.