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Alh Haruna Bature Ukya Usman
Alh Haruna Bature Ukya Usman

Finance and Accounts

The Finance and Accounts department of the Federal Medical Centre Birnin Kebbi was created at the inception of the centre in the year 2000. The department has since from inception been headed by the following people as follows:

1.     Alhaji Faruku Bala
2.     Alhaji Kabiru Umar
3.     Alhaji Isah Abdullahi Zuru
4.     Haruna Usman Bature Ukya
5.     Mal. Salisu Garba  

The current head of finance is Haruna Usman Bature Ukya.
The department of finance and accounts comprises of six (6) units to enable it function as expected. They are as follows:

-         Expenditure
-         Cash Office
-         Revenue Unit
-         Salary Unit
-         NHIS Unit
-         MIS Unit as operational staff

All the units except Revenue and NHIS units receive the Federal Government grants and record the expenditures of same. The revenue unit keeps track of internally generated revenue (IGR) and the expenditure of same.

The routine mandate of the department includes the following:

1.     Keeping accurate and up-to-date financial records.
2.     Preparing and giving accurate financial reports as and when due.
3.     Ensure salaries and other staff emoluments are paid regularly and on time through the IPPIS platform while uncaptured staff are paid on GIFMIS.
4.     Preparing and presenting audited financial reports.
5.     Ensuring capital and overhead expenditures are spent within the budgeted time.