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Dr. Ibrahim M. Habib
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Ibrahim M. Habib


Surgery department started with the establishment of the Hospital (F.M.C Birnin Kebbi) in the year 2000.  It started with about 3 medical Doctors and few personnel from Nursing Department.  It has ever remained the largest department of the Hospital due to the various units that made up of the department.  Initially the following units were all under the department:-
1. General surgery
2. Urology
3. Paediatric surgery
5.Plastic surgery
6. Orthopaedic surgery
7. Ophthalmology
8. Otorhinolaringology (Ent)
9. Dental and Maxillofacial
Right from beginning of the Department, great surgeons from all over Nigeria have visited and work with this department.  Notable among them are the following professors:
1. Prof. H N Mbibu (Late)
2. Prof. E. A Ameh 
3. Prof. S.A. Olatoke
4. Prof. O.O Olaomi
5. Prof. J. N legbo
6. Prof. K. R Iseh
7. Prof. M. oborien
8. Prof. A. I. Mungadi
9. Prof. A. A ayaniyi  
The Pioneer Medical Director (Prof. B. B. Shehu) of this hospital have also contributed tremendously in terms of manpower and the development of this department.  Dr D.K Allison was the pioneer HOD and transferred the leadership of the department to Dr. Abitare Hope, then Dr. S. I. Suleiman, Dr. Sahabi Bande (late) and now Dr. Ibrahim M. Habib since 2013.   Currently, with the hospital rapid expansion the following units have grown into separate departments: -
1. Ophthalomology
2. Dental and maxillofacial
3. Otorhinolaringology (ENT)
4.  Anaesthesia
Leaving only the following units as surgery department:
1. General surgery
2.Orthopaedics, Spine and trauma
4. Radio-oncology  
5. Plastic, Reconstructive, Burns and Aesthetic unit.

Scope of responsibility
Our responsibilities are mainly:
1.Clinical Services
2.Training and research
3.Community services  

Clinical services
1. We rendered 24 hours 7 day surgical emergency services.
2. We conduct various surgical sub-specialty clinics at sopd:-
  * Monday: urology, spine, and orthopaedics
  * Tuesday: General Surgery, Laparoscopy, Plastic Surgery and oncology
  * Wednesday: orthopaedics
  * Thursday: General Surgery, Orthoaedics, Plastic – follow-up clinics
  * Friday: orthopaedics
3. Day care surgical procedures
4. Minimal access surgeries (i.e Laparoscopy & endoscopy)
5. Various subspecialty elective surgeries Monday to Friday   

Training & research
1. Full accreditation for training interns from both Medical Schools and College of Nursing. 2. Partial Accreditation for surgery residency training for membership with west African college of surgeon (wacs).
3. Prospective accreditation for medical student training.
4. Intra departmental surgical skill and surgical principle trainings to our Medical Officers. 5.Oversea capacity building of our young agile consultants in various subspecialties by the management.  
6. High output clinical scientific papers has been published from the department
7. We have been involved in international collaboration researches: Global surgery/trials.

Community services -       
The Department has taken part in various free surgical outreaches to different communities in Kebbi State.
We have conducted 100 free Hernia Surgeries in this centre sponsored by Federal Government.
-        In collaboration with the state Government, we have been rendering rural surgical services in our rural outpost and currently via Rural posting of Surgical Residents.   NB:   the department is usually fully represented in all Hospital committees for above services or as may be related to Hospital expansion or preventive medicine.
chievements   The department has numerous achievements and still counting to mention few among them are:
1. Above a thousand surgical emergencies annually
2. Above a thousand various specialty elective surgeries per-anum
3. Below highly specialized surgical procedures are been done in our department at affordable cost.  ·      
Total hip and knee replacement surgeries (arthroplasty)

Spine surgeries Endourology (turp, stone retrieval and passing of stents) ·Bone lengthening procedures.  Ponsetti technique of club foot ·       Oncology surgeries (whipple’s procedures mastectomy & reconstructions) ·       Total ear, mouth nose and lid reconstructions ·       Hand restorative surgery ·       Congenital sex reassignment surgeries ·       Cosmetic surgery (tummy tuck, breast lift and scar revision procedures) ·     Laparoscopic surgery (pin Hole: appendectomy, cholecystectomy e.t.c) ·       Post burn reconstructions
1. Training of 16 – 20 young graduate of Medical Schools (interns)
2. Postgraduate Residency Training in surgery
1. Endoscopy tower (Olympus)
2. Urology Tower (Olympus)
3.  C– arm Radiology Machine (G. E)
4.  Laparoscopic machine (techno)
5.  Digital pneumatic torniquet
6.  Ultra modern specialized and general electro-cautery machines
7.  Modular 4 suit theatre