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Pharm Suleiman Alimi
Pharm Suleiman Alimi

Pharmaceutical Services

The Pharmacy Department is one of the pioneer departments which came on board at the inception of the hospital along with other core departments, it commenced operation at the commencement of clinical operations of the Centre in the year 2000. The pioneer head of the department was Alh. (Pharm) Ibrahim Hassan Maigandi who was the head from 2001 to 2006. Pharm Suleiman Alimi took over from him and still holds the position till date.  The department is responsible for stocking, storage, logistics and supply chain management of pharmaceuticals (drugs) and surgical consumables on behalf of the Hospital and providing pharmaceutical care to patients/clients. It also ensures that the drug revolving fund is active and fully functional. It is also responsible for converting a drug dosage to another through compounding for paediatrics and critically ill patients. It also documents controlled drugs and creates awareness on NAFDAC banned drugs, drug abuse etc.
The Pharmacy department is responsible for training of newly graduated Pharmacists through the internship programme and training of Pharmacy Technicians from the School of Health Technology through the Industrial Training programme. Over the years, the department has grown from a single point pharmacy to having the following units:
i. In and Out Patient Pharmacy
ii. Accident and Emergency (A&E) Pharmacy
iii. ART/Dots TB Pharmacy
iv. NHIS Pharmacy There is also an ongoing equipping of structures to put in place a proper compounding room. There has also been a move from analogue to automated system of stock management and dispensing. Currently, the department offers efficient and effective 24 hours pharmaceutical care services and has an active and efficient drug revolving fund in place. It is also working on producing hand sanitizers, disinfectants etc for hospital community usage.