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Faruk Umar Abdullahi
Asst. Director Nursing Services.
Faruk Umar Abdullahi

Nursing Service

The Nursing Services Department is one of the largest departments under the Clinical Services Directorate of the Federal Medical Centre Birnin Kebbi. It was established in July 2000 at the inception of the Hospital. Alhaji Mohammed Jabbo Tilli (CNO) was the pioneer Head of Nursing Services and was in that position till the year 2007 when CNO Atuna D. Danga took over the headship of the department and held the mantle until his retirement in March 2011. CNO Farouk Umar Abdullahi took over as Head of Nursing Services in March 2011 and currently holds the position. He is now an Assistant Director, Nursing Services.

The Department has a wide scope of responsibilities which include but is not limited to provision of holistic nursing care for patients, implementing nursing theories to define and organize patient care, providing safe therapeutic environment for patient care, comprehensive use of nursing processes to assess, plan, implement, evaluate and document patient care, teaching/training of student nurses and midwives, supervision and monitoring of intern nurses and educating patients and their relations.

The department also provides qualified professional nursing care in accident and emergency cases, critical care nursing, specialized baby care, orthopaedics, maternal and child health, nephrology, ear nose and throat (ENT), ophthalmic, isolation and public health (immunization, STI, tuberculosis etc.) amongst others.

Over the years, department has recorded improved nursing care and has recently been fully accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCM) for the training of nurses. Also, a large number of nurses have been able to attend both graduate and specialized trainings and have acquired certifications.

 The department also provides amenity care, private nursing etc. to those in need of such services.