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Dr. Isiaka S. Adeyemi
Senior Registrar Family Physician
Dr. Isiaka S. Adeyemi



Federal Medical Center Birnin Kebbi has its origin in a renovated state owned rural hospital which was handed over to the Federal Government in the year 2000.

The Hospital has grown in leaps and bounds since then. Such growth brought about the
creation of the NHIS/ Retainership Unit, as an offshoot of the General Outpatient Clinic.
The NHIS clinic was to exclusively cater for clients under the formal and non formal Health Insurance Scheme. To achieve the aim of quality care in a dynamic Health Insurance industry, the Hospital inaugurated a NHIS committee which was chaired by the then Chief ExecutiveOfficer Dr R Y Hassan.

The Unit as has the hospital has developed rapidly necessitating a more structured entity. While still retaining the NHIS committee, the Unit now has a Co-Ordinator and a Desk Officer. The Foundations laid by Dr R.Y Hassan was consolidated upon by Dr Abdullahi Ibrahim. The greatest transformation yet in the history of the Unit is the construction of its Ultra-Modern all inclusive Complex by the present leadership of Dr Aliyu Hamza Balarabe, the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital.

The NHIS Unit boasts of well trained Medical professionals (Doctors, Pharmacists, Laboratory Scientists, Nurses, Health Management Staff and Attendants) Administrative Officers and Accountants.

The NHIS FMC Birnin Kebbi, might appear autonomous in its activities, but it derives a lot of support from other clinical departments of the hospital who takes appropriate care of our referral clients.

At present the NHIS Unit has a clientele base numbering over Seventeen Thousand Individuals and more are still been envisaged.

Dr. Isiaka S. Adeyemi (Senior Registrar Family Physician) is presently the Coordinator of the Unit,
while Aminu U. Waziri is the Desk Officer.