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Dr. Kasimu Umar Adoke
Consultant Pathologist.
Dr. Kasimu Umar Adoke


The Pathology Department of the hospital was formed the same time when the hospital was established in 2000. The Department commenced operation fully in July 2001 with four units of the department (Chemical Pathology, Microbiology, Haematology and Histopathology) were merged. The Pathology Department at that time provided basic laboratory tests and blood transfusion services only, while histopathological samples were handled by a visiting consultant Histopathologist for processing in other tertiary hospitals. 
After some years, the hospital expanded and the demand for laboratory services increased. This necessitated the building of another Complex which was commissioned by Hajia Amina Ndalolo, the then State Minister for Health. The place was later converted into Accident and Emergency unit of the hospital due to a further need for expansion.
In 2013, A new Modern Pathology Laboratory complex was constructed and commissioned in 2014.The Laboratory has a reception, Haematology and Blood transfusion services, Microbiology, Chemical Pathology and Histopathology units  separately. The different units provide all the necessary services required in the hospital.
The Laboratory has been accredited for the internship training of Medical Laboratory interns since 2005. The Department is actively involved in the practical training of Medical Laboratory Technician and Assistant students from School of Health Technologies in Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States. The first Head of Department was Mallam Haruna M Yeldu followed by Dr. Umar Kangiwa. The current Head of Department is Dr Suleiman A Kabir.
Routine and specialized chemical pathology tests are performed for the patients in the unit. The unit provides services to patients 24 hours, 7days of the week without break. In-patients from all the wards in the hospital and out-patients from all over the state and beyond are attended to in the unit.
Tests/ Services available in the unit
Routine Investigations
1. Urinalysis
2. Occult blood test
5. Urine/ Serum Pregnancy tests
6. CSF analysis
7. 24hrs Urine protein, creatinine
8. E/U/Cr quantitative 
9. LFT
10. FLP
11. Serum Cal, Mag/ Phosphorus

Specialized tests
1. Cardiac enzymes
2. TFT
3. PSA
5. Beta- hCG
6. Alpha- fetal protein
7. Fertility hormonal assay.
The unit is well staffed with Consultant Chemical Pathologist, Scientists, Technicians and Assistants.

Medical Microbiology is a unit under Pathology Department of this institution that provides diagnostic services to both in and out patients within and outside the state. The unit basically operates under two broad sub-units, viz; Bacteriology and Parasitology. These two sub-groups perform and provide several services.

The services rendered by this unit include;
1. Bacteriological services
2. Parasitological services
3. Mycological Services
4. Serological Services
5. Sexually Transmitted Infections/ Diseases related
6. Andrological Services
7. Molecular Biological Services
  The Unit boost of Consultant Microbiologist, Scientists, Technicians and Assistants.

Histopathology is another unit in the Pathology Department, the Department provides various histopathological services to IN and OUTPATIENT clients within and outside the State. 
The services provided by this unit to the patients include the following
• Histology from surgical biopsy (incisional or excisional).
• Cytology (for urine, ascetic fluid, pleural fluid, sputum, aspirate from cyst and swellings and pap smears).
• Mortuary services and embalmment of Corpses.
Efforts are in place to start immunohistochemistry services in the unit. 
 The unit is well staffed with Consultant Histopathologists, Scientists and Technicians. 

Haematology and blood bank unit like the other three units provide routine in and out patients services to the hospital.
The Unit helps the clinicians in providing haematological services and in diagnosis especially in sicklecells anaemia, leukaemia, retroviral disease to mention but few.

The under listed tests are rendered in the units:

Full Blood Count (FBC)             
Retro Virus Screening (RVS)
Packed Cell Volume (PVC)
Haemoglobin Estimation (Hg)
Blood group
Groupings and X-Cross Match
Blood Film Study
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
Retics Counts
Osmotic Fragility Test
Coombs Test
HBsAG, HCV, VDRL for pregnant women
Bone marrow aspiration 
Screening for haemophilia 
Antibody screening and titration 
Introduction of VDRL as part of pre-transfusion screening (TTIS)
Introduction of combo kits as a tie breaker for HIV screening pre-transfusion.
The unit also conduct ELISA testing for HIV, HBV, HCV and VDRL on all the blood been transfused in the Centre.
Haematological and day care clinics started in November, 2011, and is been run by the Consultant Haematologist in the unit. 
The Clinic runs at the SOPD. The schedule of activities by the Haematologist is as follow;

Monday – Ward round 
Tuesday –         Business ward Round (Bone marrow Aspiration, exchange blood transfusion and other procedures).
Wednesday - Haemato-oncology clinic 
Thursday    - Chemotherapy
Friday         – Routine haematological services 
The unit is well staffed with Consultant Haematologist, Scientists, Technicians and Assistants.